VJ: Bike Fit Theory

I am someone who looks at lots of pictures of pro bikes on the internet. Sometimes you can get hard numbers on bike and rider measurements. It's rare to see a 100mm stem, most times you see 130, 140 and rarely more. Manufacturers seem to be making frames with tall seat post mast so the front triangle (top tube/down tube/seat tube) can be as compact as possible. Small frame sizes have smaller triangles, but as frame sizes get larger, so does the triangle. The smaller the triangle, the frame will have a rigid and solid feel,which is something that bigger cyclists and sprinters look for. As long as seat height and bar reach are where they should be, who cares what the top tube length is. I usually ride a 58 frame but my Look 595 is a 55 and it is rock solid, stiff, and stable (even at 50mph on a downhill). Think about it before your next build! Check back next week for a new trend of more cleat setback.




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